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FlowerBouḰs goal is to provide you with high quality and unique flower décors that last for years. We have a wide variety of designs that you can choose from. Our products are perfect if you are looking for: - A beautiful home floral décor that will reflect your personality and style. - You can choose the types of flowers and colours that you like. The colours of our flowers are vibrant and eye-catching. - A unique gift for your family and friends. Nothing is more personal and thoughtful than giving a handmade. The recipient of these flowers will enjoy it for years because it never wilts. You deserve to have nothing but the best handmade product. Kiana (the artist and owner), learned the art of making paper clay flowers from her mother Yong-Jeen. She applies techniques that are a product of 36+ years of innovation and knowledge. The techniques and craftsmanship used are original and unique. It stems from a rich South Korean heritage. Every flower we make is exclusive and one of a kind. All are shaped and coloured with love and care. Kiana's art pieces are made with passion and it plays a huge part in her life. As a final touch, a special FlowerBouḰ stamp is placed on every product. It is a historical stamp that symbolizes high-quality craftsmanship. It represents the artist's devoted journey towards creating unique and genuine art pieces. Thank you. FlowerBouḰ

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