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Hi! We are Flourish By Nature. For those of you who know us, hi and welcome! For people who don't, this is us. Flourish by Nature is a close, family-run business with the aim to support as many children and families we can through daily living and capacity building programs. Programs we have developed and created through our many experiences and education. All our programs can be customised to suit each individual. For our full list of programs please visit our website. Here are some of our programs: Flourish with Art Program 10-week art program learning about yourself and delving into healthy self expression and ways to communicate emotions. Looking at helping with physical skills such as fine motor and strengthening but also building capacity through mentoring. Empowered Personal Care Program 10-week personal care program empowering, motivating and teaching the skills it takes to to want to take care of yourself. Showing you new ways to get creative and how to add it into your daily life. Supporting kids and any age. Math Program 10-week basic math program blending easy ways to use math with your daily life. This program encourages the skills to be confident in using math in areas of life to build a foundation for sustaining financial stability and input. Building the capacity to understand processes in life. Inspired Journaling Program 10-week journaling program looking at supporting the individual into learning about themselves through the act of writing, drawing, communication and research. Mentoring the skills it takes to self soothe, manage and support one's mind and body. Learning with LEGO Program The very fun, very popular 10-week LEGO program looks at promoting and supporting skills in fine motor and dexterity. This program also builds creativity, confidence, imagination, communication and teamwork. Each week building something new! Funky Beats Program 10-week music program using music as therapy. Helping to support stress relief, confidence, expression and mental and emotional behaviour. This program also helps to help build the capacity around memory, relationships, sustaining interests, sensory, moods and more! Geocaching Program 10-week geocaching program works on supporting people into getting out and about in their community. Learning direction, navigation or simply how to be in a new environment. Perfect for one person or as small group building social skills.

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